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Organizers of the Iligan Music Festival 2022 was heavily criticized over its inappropriate marketing strategy which has been removed from the city's list of activities for Diyandi Festival 2022.

The local government of Iligan called out the organizers of the supposed three-day long music festival social media promotional post on its officially Facebook page which appeared to be promoting sensuality.

"It’s not just a Music Festival but also a TENT FESTIVAL good for 3 days with fun and music! Bring your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/bbgurl/bbboy and unwind! Showcase your TENT! SEX and Rock n Roll!!! Baby!!" the slogan read.

The promotional slogan quickly went viral that caused outrage among  social media folks, which even Mayor Frederick Siao called out organizers of the said activity.

Meanwhile, the production team of Iligan Music Festival issued apology to everyone offended by the inappropriate social media post, admitted that it fell short in the filtering of what was posted.

"There is no excuse for that glaring shortcoming of ours. That was not definitely our message for Iligan Music Festival. We dreamt of having people HOOKED to music, friends, families and of course the best of Iligan's tourism can offer. We pray for all your understanding," the statement wrote.

The Iligan Music Festival is currently on hold and subject for review, the Diyandi Festival sa Iligan 2022 the overall in charge of the program said in a statement. 


The Diyandi Festival sa Iligan 2022 is aghast by the irresponsible post of one our calendared event holder specifically the Iligan Music Festival.  The Executive Management Board clothe with the mandate from the City Government will in no way tolerate any acts of immorality or crime even in the context of marketing strategy.  The Diyandi Festival is a celebration in honor of Iligan's patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel and thus, should continue to uphold the values that our patron saint imbue.

Being a calendared event is a privilege granted to event proponents  by the Executive Management Board, and the latter reserves the right to continue or withdraw such privilege.  

The Iligan Music Festival's status as an event of the Diyandi Festival sa Iligan 2022 is pending and subject for review.

May all other events of the Festival be guided accordingly.

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