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Brenda Mage's sister shared the current renovation of their house.

Before Charren Marie Amestoso, Brenda's sister only dreamed of owning a two-story house, but due to the lack of money, it is only intended for their food.

Even if their house is made of wood, it would have been fine as long as they'll fit in their small house.


"Sauna rako nangandoy nga mag dos andanas sa among balay pero wala gyud ge tugot kai wla pa gyud kwarta [Dati, nangarap talaga ako na magkaroon ng dalawang palapag na bahay pero hindi pwede dahil wala kaming per]," said her Brenda Mages's sister.

The sister even jokingly said that she was thankful for having an ugly but kind sister like Brenda Mage.

According to Charren, her sibling is really generous. Even though she just jokingly said that she wanted to have a two-story house, Brenda immediately fulfilled it and built it.

"pasalamat ko sa ginoo na ge tagaan ko me niya ug igsoon nga pangit pero buotan...[nagpapasalamat ako sa panginoon dahil binigyan niya kami ng kapatid na pangit pero mabait],", Charren expressed.

Brenda also shared on his Facebook page that he is now in the process of renovating his sister's house after her mom's dream home.

Next, he plans to do the same with his brother's house.

Bryan Roy Tagarao, who more commonly goes by the stage name Brenda Mage, was a finalist on Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10.

Brenda is most notably known for his feuds with fellow celebrity housemates and crush Eian Rances. 

He was not nominated for eviction five times in a row, until when his group lost the Tower Task challenge. 

Brenda returned to the house as he was given a chance to become a Biga-10 housemate through a series of comeback challenges given by Big Brother.

Brenda Mage finally finished in fifth place after garnering 1.19% of the votes during the voting period.

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