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After the violent punch made to Jordan Poole in the face, Draymond Green will be stepping away from the Warriors. 

Draymond said he will be stepping away from a defending champion Golden State Warriors for a few days to focus and allow himself to heal after he punched his teammate Jordan Poole in the face during an altercation at practice on Wednesday. 

"I was wrong for my actions...There's a huge embarrassment that comes with it. Not only for myself, as I was the one who committed the action...but the embarrassment that Jordan has to deal with and that this team has to deal with, and this organization have to deal with. But also Jordan's family. His family saw that video. His mother and his father saw that video. If my mother saw that video, I know how my mother would feel",  Green said as he apologized to Poole and his family.

He added, he must rebuild trust in the locker room. "I am a very flawed human being. I failed as a leader. I failed as a man".

Draymond Green called it "bullshit" that the video leaked but said he watched the video 15 times and agreed with how bad it was.

Coach Steve Kerr called it a 'mutual decision'.


Draymond had been scheduled to join the team for practice Saturday. He said he expects to play in Golden State's season opener on Oct. 18 but is unsure as to how long he will be away.

The two warriors, Poole and Green, were both not injured during the fight.

Green did not get into specifics about how the physical altercation has been triggered. But, he said he was dealing with something hurtful before it happened, and has nothing to do with either player's unsettled contract situation.

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