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 SIM Card registration is now into law after President Marcos has signed the Republic Act No. 11934 on Monday, October 10. 

The Republic Act No. 11934 which require buyers to register their SIM cards has already been signed  by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. The first law signed by the president is meant to curb mobile-phone scams and other crimes. 

The SIM Card Registration Act aims to provide "accountability in the use of SIM card and aid law enforcers to track perpetrators of crimes committed through phones," said Cheloy Garafil, Press Secretary officer-in-charge.

Under the new law, Telco companies and direct seller are required to ask a valid identification from the buyer before selling SIM cards. Existing one need to be registered within a certain time, as it will automatically deactivated if you don't. 

It also mandates telecommunication companies to maintain a register SIM card subscribers, and submit a list of authorized sellers to the government.

Registered SIM card with false information, using fictitious identities to do fraudulent activities is punishable under the law.

The move will also boost the government initiatives against Text messaging scams. 

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