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 Nadine Lustre and boyfriend Christophe Bariou are a climbing couple who just feel the need to escape the busy life and wanted to come closer with nature.

On Instagram Bariou posted some of the photos he have taken during their Palawan trip. He bring his girlfriend to one of his favorite spots, where he described it as "the most untouched and adventurous part of Palawan."

"I was excited to share with @nadine one of my favorite spots," he said.

They made a road trip in the southern part of Palawan, "stopping by waterfalls  (some of em still managed by the tribes) and getting amazing Cliffside views here and there."

"It’s quite the beaten path as tourists tend to only focus on the north side (El Nido) but the south for me is far more interesting and raw. A place from which you can still get this rare feeling today of discovering a new spot on your own. Plus people are extra friendly and proud to show you around their unspoiled paradise," he said.

Definitely, the moment when you finally reach the peak gives off an inexplicable kind of high, a sense of calm, and stunning scenery

"If you're looking to get lost and find yourself, this is the place."

The couple grabs every chance they get to be with nature whenever their busy schedule allows them to. They love to hike up a mountain instead of just strolling around the city. Something you might want to consider trying the next time you travel.

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