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 Popular online food guide Taste Atlas have listed four classic Filipino foods in their 2023 "100 Worst Rated Foods in the World."

According to the list which was published on its Facebook page, Bicol's 'kinalas' is in 17th place with a 2.4 rating, and the favorite Filipino breakfast staple 'hotsilog' in 26th place after it got a score of 2.6 out of 5 in Taste Atlas' audience ratings.

The website described kinalas as "shrimpy, garlickly brown gravy consisting of dried shrimps, vinegar, garlic, shallots, soy sauce and fish sauce.

"The dish is always served hot, and its name is derived after the Bicolano word kalas, meaning to remove the met from the bones," it said.

Meanwhile, hotsilog, is derived from the name itself composed of Filipino style hotdog that are "red and juicy, usually cut on the sides," paired with garlic rice, and fried eggs.

But there are two more foods that most Filipinos love to eat which can be seen on ther website. The 'balut' taking the 9th place, and Filipino spaghetti at the 81st spot.

The food website result are said to be from the average counts votes of the ratings that people are giving for each food in their database.

"We are a site dedicated to loal dishes and have a database of 15,00) dishes and ingredients. Throughout the year, people rate those foods (no cuisines) in our database."

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