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 If you belong to the kids of the 80's and 90's you might know this floral clothing that the local brand has been introducing. It might be your sleeping pill blanket that you have been using from the good old days.

A local clothing brand Facebook page 'Nobody' posted a nostalgic design of their clothing that earned social media attention.

"We are so happy to share with you the "MILAGROS" shirt.

(Still in R&D phase, but we're working on it!)," the post read.

"In the past, we have named our more special products after women we admire. This one is named after a lady who is very close to hearth and home. We don't know if she knows this but this little dream of a brand would not exist if weren't for her," it added.

The brand said that the it hope that this fabric will bring memories and "the ways in which it was used around our (your) homes.

The brand is also on the design and production phase.

"We would genuinely appreciate any leads regarding this.

"But for now, we'd like to show you the simple things we've been quite excited about.


"We hope you find it as precious as we do."

Netizens were quick to dropped by on the comments section of the post and shared their "kumot' stories.

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