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Bacolod Coffee Shop Receives Support After Review Bombing by Non-Paying Customers

A Bacolod coffee shop named SLO_BAR Cafe received an outpouring of support after a group of 10 customers review-bombed them on Google. The group was asked to leave the cafe as they were occupying three tables but only ordered two drinks, preventing other paying customers from being accommodated.



The cafe owner took to Instagram to express their frustration and disappointment with the group's behavior, stating that they believe the group's intention was to "hang out for free and shoot their personal content."


The group retaliated by leaving negative reviews, accusing the cafe of being rude and serving bad food. Screenshots of these reviews circulated online, sparking outrage amongst other small business owners and social media users.


SLO_BAR Cafe defended their staff, stating that they are "trying their best to work, accommodate, and keep the cafe in good order." They appealed to the community's understanding, emphasizing the importance of basic etiquette and supporting local businesses.


The cafe's situation resonated with many, especially other small businesses who face similar challenges. Several businesses, including Celery Coffee Stand and ONLYPANS Taqueria, expressed their support for SLO_BAR Cafe and condemned the group's actions.


Many social media users also rallied behind the cafe, urging others to flood the cafe's Google reviews with positive messages to counteract the negative reviews left by the group.


The incident sparked a discussion about the importance of respecting businesses and their staff, highlighting the need for responsible behavior from customers, especially in the age of social media and influencer culture.

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