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Mouse cleaning up his shed every night captured on video

 Retired postman Rodney Holbrook, no stranger to animal antics, never expected his shed to become the stage for a real-life "Ratatouille" reenactment.


 After months of mysteriously tidied workbenches, he set up a night vision camera and discovered the culprit: a meticulous mouse, now lovingly nicknamed "Welsh Tidy Mouse."

This pint-sized powerhouse, armed with impressive dexterity, spends its nights diligently sorting clothes pegs, corks, nuts, and bolts into a designated box. Mr. Holbrook, 75, marvels at the dedication, noting, "Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it's tidied up by morning. It's incredible!"

He suspects the mouse uses the objects to stash its treasures, and the arrangement suits him just fine. "I don't bother tidying anymore," he chuckles. "I leave things out, and they're back in place by sunrise. He'd probably even tidy my wife away if I left her in there!"

No object is too daunting for the Tidy Mouse. Cable ties, tools, even Mr. Holbrook's experimental challenges - it tackles them all with unwavering focus. "It's been fascinating," he admits. "A little experiment in the shed, and who knew I'd find a tiny champion of order?"


This heartwarming tale of an unlikely partnership between man and mouse has captured hearts across the internet. It reminds us that even in the smallest creatures, remarkable talents and unexpected kindness can bloom. 


So, the next time you find a misplaced sock or a missing screw, remember, there might just be a tiny Tidy Mouse working its magic behind the scenes.

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