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Mark Zuckerberg Meets LG Leaders in South Korea to Discuss XR Devices and AI

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with executives from LG Electronics in South Korea on Wednesday to explore potential collaboration in two key areas: extended reality (XR) devices and artificial intelligence (AI).


XR Device Development: The discussions focused on strengthening their partnership in developing next-generation XR devices, which could include virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. This aligns with LG's interest in expanding into the XR market, while Meta seeks to solidify its position in the VR space with its Quest 3 headset.


AI Cooperation: LG also expressed interest in Meta's AI advancements, particularly their large language model technology. This suggests potential collaboration on integrating on-device AI features into future products. Meta has been actively investing in AI this year, developing a custom chip and integrating AI functions into their products.


Zuckerberg's Visit: This marks Zuckerberg's first known visit to South Korea in a decade. It's part of a wider Asian tour encompassing Japan and India. He is also expected to meet with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and potentially Samsung Electronics Chairman Jay Y. Lee.


Underlying Goals: Industry insiders believe Zuckerberg's discussions will likely touch upon securing AI chip supplies and exploring avenues to expand generative AI ecosystems. This aligns with Meta's aim to incorporate generative AI technology into its core offerings this year.


Meta's AI Push: To bolster their AI efforts, Meta plans to deploy a custom-designed AI chip in their data centers and acquire a significant number of H100 AI processing units from Nvidia.

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