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SB19's Pablo Rocks the Mic for Earth Hour 2024 (Philippines)

 SB19's Pablo is taking center stage for a cause he deeply cares about - environment protection. WWF-Philippines has chosen him as their music ambassador for Earth Hour 2024.

The annual switch-off event will be held on March 23rd at the Kartilya ng Katipunan in Manila City, with the ceremonial lights out happening at 8:30 PM.

Pabl;o's selection isn't a random pick. According to Eart Hour Philippines National Directo Atty. Angela Consuelo Ibay, Pablo embodies the Filipino spirit - passionate and resilient - qualities they want to highlight for this year's celebration, which marks the 16th anniversary of Earth Hour in the Philippines.

Ibay further praises Pablo's artistic influence. As SB19's songwriter, creative director, and CEO of their label, 1Z Entertainment, Pablo has consistently woven Filipino culture and style into their music. This resonates with Earth Hur's approach to environmental advocacy, ehich encourages local participation and a unique Filipino way of celebrating the movement.

Pablo's journey in the music industry began in 2018 when he debuted as a member of SB19. Just last year, he took a big step by establishing 1Z Entertainment, the company that now manages SB19.


He expressed his excitement about the venture, calling it one of their biggest achievements. He emphasized that 1Z Entertainment is a collaborative effort, built by the memebers of SB19 and the people who support them behind the scenes.

This year has already seen Pablo explore his musicalily outside of SB19. In January, he released the well-received single "AKALA"" with his brother Josue.

This wasn't his first solo project. In fact, January also marked the release of his debut solo track, "Determinado."

In an interview, Pablo spoke about the inspiration behind "Determinado," describing it as a song about the realization that comes with finding the courage to pursue your dreams and define yourself as an artist. It's about confronting fears and roadblocks while pushing forward.

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