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Twenty foreigners who unable to recite Koran was tortured, killed in Dhaka, Bangladesh restaurant, Photos,Video

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Twenty people were killed in an attack on a cafe in Bangladesh, Islamic State(IS) held responsibility  to the incident. Six gunmen reportedly murdered 20 foreigners at the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in Dhaka late Friday before troops entered and killed the six attackers.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina has declared two days of national mourning. Nine Italians, seven Japanese, and one US citizen and an Indian national died.

Survivors told of how the hostage-takers separated locals from the foreigners who were eating side-by-side before embarking on a killing spree, which has brought to an end 11 hours later in a fierce.

Two police officers were also killed at the start of the siege. One of the assailants was captured alive and arrested, the army said.

Hasina's government has previously blamed a string of deadly attacks, targeting religious minorities and foreigners, on her domestic opponents but the incident will heighten fears that IS's reach is spreading.

The siege began as diners gathered to break their fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Bangladesh's Daily Star newspaper said the gunmen tortured anyone who was unable to recite the Koran. They provided meals overnight for only the Bangladeshi captives, it said.

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