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Duterte is sending blind soldier to law school

Manila, Philippines - Second Lieutenant Jerome Jacuba who lost his eyesight during a combat was given a chance to go to a law school. President Rodrigo Duterte told during a dinner in Malacanang's Heroes Hall on August 29, "there is life after the accident and I will reinvent you," said the President.

"I am not a soldier, I dont know kung saan ako pupunta, pero ganito iyan. Lahat naman tayo eh, lahat tayo may sinusunod. Whether you like it or not, there is always a day for you. So kayong medyo lumusot, it means to say, fight again. But this I can assure you, my presidency will take care of you. Wala kayong dapat alalahanin."

He encouraged Jacuba to learn braille and he hopes to send him to law school, talk to San Beda to come up with a program on law for blind people.

He gave a braille laptop, an electric wheelchair and promised to give a Glock 30 firearms. This is a promise to the law enforcers that they will start to receive a doubled salary, the amount of what they are receiving before the end of the year.

During his visits to the leaving heroes of the country, Duterte is the first to salute, not the other way around, and retains his hand on the forehead until the soldier acknowledges, an uncommon gesture from a high ranking official, the AFP's Commander-in-Chief, a gesture that Duterte recognizes the importance, respect, and honor to a soldier regardless of his rank.  

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