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India Celebrates Independence Day - August 2017

India Day brings a colorful celebration of culture in the world, the orange, white and green of the India flag was just the beginning of the spectacle of color on display of the 70th anniversary of India's independence from Britain.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi will lead the celebrations in India on Tuesday, August 15 with a traditional speech from the Red Fort in Delhi. Modi will oversee the hoisting of the Indian tricolour in its place, followed by a military parade through Delhi's old city.

In his last 'Mann Ki Baat' radio programme on July 30, Modi had said,"On August 15, I get an opportunity to communicate with the country ramparts of the Red Fort. I am merely an instrument. It is not one singe peson who makes that address, but it is the collective voice of 1.25 billion of my countrymen that resounds from the Red Fort." 

Public urge Modi to focus on education, cleanliness, environment digitisation and girls literacy for his pubic upcoming Independence Day address. The suggestions have been made by the people in response to the prime ministers invitation to them to share their ideas and inputs to be concluded in his Independence Day address, IndianExpress reported.

The rich Indian culture has been created over the past 5000+years and the foundation is its traditional values, multiple religions, music, dance and food. India as you know is the largest secular democracy in the world with more than 1.2 billion people. 

At India Day community fair showcase the food of different regions of the country, festivals people celebrates their arts and handicrafts and businesses that have been built by local community. The  fair is an effort to present the vibrant and diverse culture of India.

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