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This cement truck crashes on family car

Manila, Philippines - At least 1 killed and 4 people was injured when a cement truck crashes on top of a Honda Brio, along Mindanao Ave. in Quezon City. The truck driver was identified Jason Muleta when the truck's brakes stopped working. The he decided to to swerve and go over an island to his left but this led to the truck toppling over and crashing on the car.

" I stepped on the brake several times but it still wasn't working. So instead, I turned to the center island to avoid hitting other cars and hurting more people," he told CNN Philippines.

The hatchback vehicle is carrying the five family members. Ulysses Ramos, 34, was in the driver's seat and in the car with him were his wife Marife Ramos, 35, and other three children.

Marife and the children were rescued and brought to the hospital, unfortunately Ulysses has been taken out from the car an hour ago and sent to the hospital but declared dead on arrival.

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