'Transracial' American man, born white, feels like he is a Filipino

This American from Tampa, Florida named Adam Wheeler identifies himself as Filipino. Adam even changing his name to Ja Du, in his interview with WTSP, Ja Du said he was drawn to the Filipino culture and tradition after learning it for years. He was then realized that he was a transracial - a term for those who were born of one race but adopting another - a Filipino.

 "I'd watch the History Channel, sometimes for hours, you know, whenever it came to that, and you know, nothing else intrigued me more but things about Filipino."

"Whenever I'm around the music, around the food, I feel like I'm in my own skin," he said.
Ja Du, who is also a transsexual, however admitted he hasn't told his family regarding his plan because he believes they will laugh at the notion of changing your ethnicity, but Dr. Scheckner believes everyone should be more understanding.

Stacey Scheckner is a licensed psychologist doctor with a B.A. from Washington University, plus M.A. and doctorate from Florida state said that she hasn't had a client who wanted to change their race but has worked with many clients wanting to change their body in some way.

"If someone feels that they feel at home with a certain religion, a certain race, a certain culture, I think that if that's who they really feel inside life is about finding out who you are. The more knowledge you have of yourself, the happier you can be," she said.

Ja Du even drives his purple 'Tuk Tuk' around Tampa, a popular form of transportation in Asia including the Philippines.

Source: WTSP, usatoday

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