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Ligiron Challenge the first extreme game in the Philippines - Video

Another extreme game you must try and I think everybody is enjoying seeing a flying wooden cart, it can be found in Valencia Negros Oriental.

 Maybe most of you have seen various numbers of extreme games like motorcycle jumping at heights and some are in muddy terrain. This time only in the Philippines, a wooden cart in a form of motor cycle, contestant must have to be ready because they have to dive their wooden vehicle into a cliff with an acrobatic moves.

I think this game is for professionals only because no rules to be followed even you don't ware your helmet no LTO representative will stop you as long as you have your best bike and a daredevil  kind heart.

Chada Valencia in Brgy. Bongbong Negros Oriental is doing this extreme game called Ligiron Challenge. People are having fun looking for the riders flying together with their improvise vehicle.

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