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Experience the Mudpack Festival in Negros Occidental on June 15-17

Another festival you should experience in Negros Occidental that will going to happen on June 15-17, a unique festival that celebrates the harmony of man and nature. This is held every 3rd week of June,the Mudpack Festival. It features Mambukal's distinct muti-colored clay. Artists gather to showcase their talent on ethnic music, dances and crafts in this festival of the art.
 Mudpack Festival is one of Philippines’ most symbolic festival. It celebrates strides that man has made in preserving nature, similar to the primitive age. The idea of a mud-slinging fiesta is a creative one, especially because it brings participants as close to nature as they can possibly get. Becoming one with and celebrating Mother Nature is the essence of this spectacular festival.

Here are some of the activities:

1. Clay Body Painting
2. Installation Art
3. Mixed Art
4. Poster Making
            5. Drumbeating Competition
           6. Solo Dance Improvisation 
7. Tribal Dance
8. Miss Earth Mambukal

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