Miss Tres wins with standing ovation in Britain's Got Talent - Video

The Miss Tres took over Britain's Got Talent with their stunning performance. Mariko Ledesma, Mavy Cleofas and Crissy Marie Rendon, the transgender group entered stylish and confident on stage with the audience clueless of what will going to happen. The judges talked to them normally as they thought that the three was a girl.

But, when Miss Tres finally started there performance with their song-and-dance performance, everybody dropped it's jaw as their mouth hang opened. What they thought the group was all female but everybody was shocked as the three performed a macho men! Judges David, Alesha, Simon and the audiences were entertained by the performance.  

Before they join Britain's Got Talent, Miss Tres made their first appearance on Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 and Asia's Got Talent.

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