Japan's Princess Ayako renounces royal status and marry an ordinary employee

Old saying said love can move mountains and will do everything just to have you. Yes! this saying has now come into life, Japan's Imperial Household Agency announced Tuesday that Princess Ayako, the youngest, daughter of the late Prince Takamodo, cousin of Emperor Akihito is set to marry Kei Moriya, a 32 year old ordinary employee of shipping firm NYK Line.  

The two met less than a year ago with same interest,to help improve the lives of children and youth in Asia. Princess Hisako who happened to be a longtime friend of his late mother is reportedly introduced the two, hoping that it will lead Princess Ayako's interest in welfare activities for children.

She finished her master's degree in social work and has studied at Canada's Camosun College and the University of British Colombia.

Under Japanese imperial law, the princess will be required to leave the family once she exchanges vows with Moriya. However, she will receive a bonus payment expected to be around a million dollars.

The official engagement ceremony will take place on August 12. The two reportedly will be tying the knot two months after, on October 29 at the Meiji Jingu Shrine. Ayoko is not the first princess to have announced her royal status for love. Her second cousin and eldest grandchild to the Emperor, Princess Mako, renounced her status to marry an ordinary man.

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