Look: Dutch Prime Minister spills coffee at Parliament building, then mops the floor himself

What ever your position in life rich or poor for me humility is virtue, this video posted from the Facebook Page DW News has gone viral when a Dutch Prime Minister of The Netherlands Mark Rutte,   cleans up his own mess. 

The video uploaded by a diplomat, Rutte can be seen entering the Parliament building with an associate. He accidentally dropped his cup of coffee as he was making his way through the door. Without hesitation, Rute quickly took the mop from the staff and went on to clean the floor himself. He was seen even laughing while taking matters into his own hands.

This act of a leader earned admiration from the cleaners who cheered him while cleaning his mess. This was not the first time Rutte became famous in social media for his simplicity and humble gestures, although some said that it maybe part of his publicity stunt.

Recently, he was photographed riding a bicycle going to the Palace for a meeting with King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. Anyhow despite of the doubts of some, this simple behavior with humility is the best thing to do especially if you are a public servant.

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