Skusta Clee from Ex-Battalion received a punched from the audience in Tacloban

The Ex-Battalion member Skusta Clee has received a punched from the audience after arriving at Tacloban for a show.

The Ex-Batallion Filipino hip-hop who popularized the hit song "Hayaan Mo Sila," started there fame from joining the barangay rap contests before they reached the big break as a record artist.

Mark Maglasang or known as Bossxine or Bos One formed the Ex-B in 2012, joining John Maren Mangabang, Jon Gutierrez a.k.a King Badger, Daryl Ruia a.k.a Shusta Clee, James Samonte as James Brando and Archie de la Cruz as Flow G.

The video can be seen members of Ex-B entering the establishment, after a few minutes later Skusta Clee was smacked right in the face after the crowd began flocking on the rapper.

One of the comment said, the reason why the guy who allegedly smacked Skusta, because his girlfriend was a fangirl over the singer 

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