Actual footage captured Tanauan Batangas Mayor Antonio Halili shot dead during flag ceremony - Video

Tanauan City, Batangas Mayor Antonio Halili was shot and killed by sniper during flag ceremony at the City Hall. The Mayor was killed by a single bullet to the chest from the unknown assailant, according to the report from CNN.

In the video, Halili is seen standing in a line with government employees as the flag is raised and those in attendance sing the national anthem. ​

As the camera strays to film another group, a single shot rings out, followed by screams and a woman's voice, saying "oh my God" in English. While the victim is not seen on camera after the shot is fired, the content of the video could be upsetting to some viewers.

As the ceremonies halted, he said the mayor's Civil security Unit (CSU) fired back with shots, triggering pandemonium as city officials and employees ran for safety.

He said Halili was rushed to the CP Reyes Medical treatment by CSU personnel but the attending physician declared the mayor dead on arrival at around 8:45 a.m..

According to Laresma, it was not clear where the direction of the single bullet came from.

He said they could not confirm if the assassination is linked to Halili’s so-called iron-fist policy on his “shame campaign” for illegal drug offenders and other criminals, but admitted that the mayor has been receiving death threats because of his anti-illegal drugs and anti-criminality campaign.

“Sober ang mood ng mga tao, pero patuloy po ang aming serbisyo (The people are in a sober mood, but the city public services will continue),” he said.

Vice Mayor Jhoanna Corona-Villamor, who was standing next to Halili, told the media that a single shot reverberated through the venue.

Corona-Villamor said she heard Halili blurt “ah” while holding his breast as she noticed a single gunshot wound on his breast.

The mayor  is known for his style in parading people who was arrested on drugs.


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  1. grabi talaga ang panahon ngayon! rest in peace mayor!Salamat...