Anne Curtis surprises Cebu Pacific passengers in collecting donations for UNICEF program

A UNICEF advocate for children actress Anne Curtis personally joined in collecting donations for the UNICEF Change for good program, Good News Pilipinas reported.

Recently, the It Show Time host surprised Cebu Pacific Air Passengers onboard a Cagayan de Oro to Manila flight when she personally joined the crew in collecting donations. The proceeds will helped fund the lifesaving health and nutrition programs for children in the Philippines.

"Collecting donations on board gave me a chance to tell passengers just how much their spare change can make a difference in children's health and nutrition," said Anne in a UNICEF report.

In her Instagram post Anne revealed the donations will benefit the 1000 Days UNICEF program which benefits children most in need especially in their 1,000 days of life. Curtis has been helping the program since 2015 when she started her UNICEF advocacy.

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