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Callalily 's new music video reunites Ex-couples to face each other again

Callalily recently-released video for their song "Ex," the band had bring back 4 ex-couples to meet again together.

The five-minute video was initially premiered in MYX on July 4, features relationships that last for three months or nearly three years. Well, initially what will you observed will be the awkwardness and tension when the exes first see each other again.
Similarly, another woman responded with confidence to being told she "looks great" by her ex, whom she was with for two years and two months. They then proceeded to catch up, starting with the tentative, "Kumusta ka?"

One ex-couple was even able to float the idea of getting back together as the woman admits that she still loves her former flame.

The concept of the music video came from the band's drummer Lemuel Belaro, who also wrote the song. Citing similar viral videos as inspiration, Belaro said he thought the "social experiment" was apt, given the track's title.

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