Cor and Ken 4th anniversary story gone viral

This love story of a couple has gone viral online, Kor Evangelista Garces shared a story about how she started a  relationship with his boyfriend Ken. The love story is very common to some other couple who both in love and together started building there dreams for the future. 

Some may survive and others may not, but this two survived the challenges in life until they slowly achieved their goals after 4 years and counting. She counted those days when they are both lost and struggling with their on careers. "I was just living off with my pageantry prizes and modeling rackets.""Whenever I won, I just saved it for the rainy days and spent of it on my everyday expenses living a thug life." She shared.

Kor lauded Ken as a responsible and loving boyfriend, "You on the other hand were trying to make ends meet with the little that you earned as a nurse. You had to stretch your salary because you had a family to support. I could still remember how exhausted you were, yet at the end of the day dli pajud mabayaran sa imong sweldo ang kahago. You were the kind of person who was very determined to be succesful despite the day to day challenge you encountered. You lived each day for a brighter tomorrow, and i admired you so much for that."

All the hardships were now fade off for the couple and they even started their dream house and Cor was the interior decorator.

As our love grew deeper, so did we as individuals. I was the visionary and you were the hustler. I would lay out our objectives and you made everything possible. I handle our finances and you are the manpower- TIG ALSA PA JUD SA MGA SAKO. Slowly, we got stable and we were finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Ug na amaze gani kaayo ta diba kay wala lang ta nakamalay nga we have started to build our own fortress without us even noticing. Kanang feeling nga, taysa! Ngano gani ta nakaabot dri? Hahahaha. There was one of our casual but special conversations where we just looked back to where we've started, ug hala! Layu na man diay tag naabtan like literally!

 To my teammate Ken, i love you kaayoOOOO and Im proud of us! TT

Finding a person that complements you is finding love that works.

Below are the full story:

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