Netizens lauded to two policeman for helping stranded family in the middle of the road

This story will somehow gained positive look to some of our police officers in uniform. Facebook user Kelvin Pacelo shared his experience to great two officers who help them from the middle of the road after the tire of their car got flat.

"With God's grace, 2 police officers pulled over and assisted us. One of them, a former vulcanizer, heped my dad with the tire. The other police helped with the traffic." He shared.

Well, some netizens who see the simple act by the two officers were amaze and even one of the passersby handed them money just because his heart was touched by that experienced. "I have never seen police officers doing what you're doing right now. Please accept this money," the passersby said.

But the officers rejected and telling them that they are just helping to those in need. "The next time we will see police officers on the road, hindi na kami matatakot na baka hulihin nila kami." Kelvin shared. As of the posting the story gone viral and accumulated atleast 2.9K shares and 7K reactions.

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