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OFW mum sends bags of her breast milk from Singapore to Philippines to feed her two children

Medical study said that breast milk is best for baby, well, this mom who worked from Singapore still managed to send off her breast milk in the Philippines.

Medical technologist Felirose Bartolome has two children - a two year-old and a 6-month-old baby. 

"You know that bond as a mother and child, especially when she looks up at you while feeding, I don't want to lose that, but I have to work because I am the breadwinner in the family," Felirose said.

In an organized cooler coated with a packaging tape, Bartolome regularly sends her breastmilk bags to her children in the Philippines. "Comforting for me is emotionally because at least they are far from me. I am still providing them the best of me, my nutrients and antibodies in the milk," Bartolome added.

Bartolome was almost eight years working as a medical technologist at a Singapore hospital. She truly believes in the natural benefits of breastmilk to his children such as strengthening their immune system.

This OFW mother in Singapore saves a lot of breast milk. She also gives the excess to friends who lack breast milk. PHOTO: ABS-CBN News

40 packs of breastmilk of about 180 ml are place in a big cooler.

“Actually, I wasn’t thinking about the money when I was sending my milk” Felirose says, “I have a supportive husband and I just want to give myself to my children through my breast milk. I want to give it to them even though I’m far from home.”

Whenever there is opportunity, Bartolome sends out to friends who have collected breastmilk for children.
Felirose pays her fellow Filipino mums an extra 20kg baggage allowance to make sure that her milk will be sent to the Philippines. From the airport it will directly delivered to their house in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

Felirose tries to go home every month or bring her children with her mother to Singapore.

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