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PBA Player Arnold Van Opstal reveals real gender status over LGBTQ allegations

The popular PBA player has finally breaks silence on the issue of his gender by answering LGBTQ allegations on his Instagram account. The celebrity athlete addressed his stand about the LGBTQ community when a fan asked him if he's part of it?

The 26-year-old PBA player has answered the speculations regarding his real gender identity and preferences without any hesitation.

"My brother is 'gay', a lot of my good friends are gay.'However, I am 'straight' The whole gme of labeling sexuality is a joke. Preferences are preferences, love is love, and everyone dserves to be their own authentics selves without having to fear judgement of others," Opstal said.

Opstal even posted his photo together with his homosexual brother and emphasized the importance of equality in the society.

“We are all born equal and our laws should be a reflection of that equality. We have come so far, now let’s go even further and start a new age for us and the generations to come in love, peace, unity, and happiness. @mannypacquiao@joelvillanueva @helenstito#LoveIsAllWeNeed #SogieEqualityBill”

Meanwhile, fans lauded Arnold for speaking up and showing support to the community and he emphasized the importance of equality.

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