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Laos Dam collapse: Flash floods to villages and hundreds missing (photos/Videos)

Bangkok, Thailand: Hundreds are reportedly missing after flash floods surge through six villages, state media reported.Five billion cubic meters of water swept the villages after the accident Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam which is under construction collapsed.

Laos News Agency reported that there were several human lives claimed and hundreds of people missing. Images published showed number of people, children and adult crammed onto low-slung wooden boats and wading through muddy waters.

Police and military personnels are mobilized to assist in the emergency relief effort in the south-eastern province of Attapeu.

                                  Photo credit: Zeno on Twitter

The hydro power dam project which is estimated to be worth about $1bn is currently built by Xe Pien-Xe Namnoy Power Company and is a joint venture between South Korean and Laos companies. Construction begun in 2013 and was due for completion by the end of this year, with plans to start operations in 2019.

Environmental campaigners have raised concerns about plans by the government in Laos to buid vast dams across Mekong river.

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