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Sondos Al-Qattan response over social media outcry against her

Sondos Al-Qattan lately responded through her social media platform Instagram clarifying over her viral video that creates anger especially to Filipina household workers. The Kuwaiti social media vlogger and beauty guru raised her complaints regarding the May 11th domestic regulation signed by Kuwait and Philippines, protecting household workers rights.
                                              From: Sondos Instagram

Her recent posting on her Instagram hours ago immediately gone viral, strongly argued that there is a clear difference between working for a business or an office with fixed hours and working in a household. She even said that she had never been involved in any form of domestic violence.

 "The passport of any expat employee should be in the possession of the employer to protect the employers interest. Irrelevant of the employee/employer nationality.""We,employee/employer reside in the same house and consume/share the same food and work is shared around the premise and I don't impose long working hours. On the contrary the working hours are flexible. In addition, resting hours are also never long and flexible," she shared. 

Sondos also thanked her critics and even invited people who have judged her to come and meet her personally so they'd be able to know who she truly is and how she treats her employees.  

"I want to take the opportunity to thank all of those who said "beautiful from the outside but not necessarily the same from the inside. "Thank you for stating that I'm beautiful from the outside and assure you that only when you meet me up close and personal that you can make a personal judgement about me as a human being or a person," she shared.

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