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Drunk priest accused of shooting teen motorcycle rider that parked in front of the church

Drunk priest in Capiz allegedly accused of shooting a 19-year-old motorbiker. Father Federico Lim, parochial vicar of Dumarao town in Capiz was accused of shooting Sarenjay Padernal grade 12 student that so happened miraculously survived.

According to the report, the incident happened after several motorcycle riders parked their bikes outside the church's gate were most of the people is celebrating Dumarao's pre-fiesta activities.

Fr. Lim who believed to be under influence of liquor - arrived, he allegedly got mad for he might not able to maneuver his vehicle. He came out from his vehicle and pushed the motorcycles until some of them fell.

Upon learning what happened several motorcycle owners challenged Lim to come outside the convent and face them. Someone from the group throws stone that broke the convent's window.

Police responded to the scene and the priest voluntarily surrendered with his 45 pistol. The gun's license is already expired.

Presently, the priest was detained at Dumarao PNP.

Source: TheFreeman,

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