Recently, people have been talking about the dolphin and the 46 penguins that has been abandoned in a damned aquarium(Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium) in the Japan since the start of the year.

Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium was closed due to declining of Visitors in January after the 2011 earthquake and Fukushima nuclear crisis.

But Honey and the 46 penguins together with the other reptiles and hundreds of fish was abandoned and remain at the aquarium.

The employees have been feeding them regularly, however there were photos that was taken by the outsider in March and August at the park show that Honey was floating in a tiny pool.

There is also another picture taken that the penguins were covered with dust near a pile of debris.

The chief of aquarium issues for Animal Right Centre, Akiko Mitsunobu said “Honey is a symbol of both the problem of Marine parks and Taiji’s hunting practices. We went to check the facility, she was showing signs of stress putting her head weakly in and out of the water”

Calls have been made to the said Park and its parent company, but it went unanswered and they are unable to reach the parks representatives.

Now many people including Japanese residents are calling for help and protesting to save the animals from the damned park. News about the abandoned animals spread through out the social media posting the pictures they captured and captioned “Save Honey” There is also a hotel who got a
lots of retweet on twitter because they offer to give the animals a new home.

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