Age doesn't matter with Jhong Hilario and girlfriend Maia Azores

Today we are happy to feature Jhong Hilario and his longtime girlfriend Mala Azores. We continue to share this story to hopefully inspire you that your age doesn't matter.

                                                    Photo from: Jhong Hilario Instagram

Jhong is 42 while his girlfriend Mala is 15 years younger than him and both inlove for seven years already. Despite the age gap, the two could be seen deeply in love with each other as they have been together for seven years.

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" First time I was here was with my First Love, My Dad. He brought me and my brother, Nitoy when I was 9. The three of us had so much funny memories in Paris I will never forget. Second time I as here was my First Time to travel alone in Europe. That was such a fun experience. I got to go around Europe for two weeks with girls my age. It was the ultimate teenage getaway at 16!!! And now, My Third time,I am with my First Ever BF andit's his First Time here!It's def gonna be another one for the books!Can't wait to make new memories with him! Celebrating our 7th year together!!!," written by Maia in her post

Mala is working as cabin crew member in the local airline company.


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