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Baby was born inside the car after getting stuck in Edsa Traffic

As we are looking to some story online we saw these story of bravery, as a pregnant woman safely delivered her baby inside her car. Edsa was one of the most busiest street in Metro Manila, motorists described it as "May poreber sa Edsa."

Luis Bernarbe, was driving his fiancee, Cheoui de Leon to the hospital when got stuck on traffic of Edsa. Well, the baby couldn't wait anymore who want to see the world, because of rush-hour traffic, Luis was forced to help his wife to deliver the baby.

The baby was supposedly to deliver on September 23 but due to her early contractions which she feel pained, she decided to see her ob-gyn doctor. 

After the consultation, the doctor told her that she has already dilated for 2 centimeters. Despite that she already felt painful contractions she decided to went home and pushed through with her planned baby shower in West Crame, San Juan. 

The pain was elevated caused by her contractions which prompts her to go to the hospital immediately.

On the way to the hospital, De Leaon's father advised to take Edsa route because of the traffic congestion in the interior roads, she said. But, they were caught by horrible rush-hour traffic. 

As the contractions grew stronger, she gripped the passenger seat harder, "My eyes went wide as I felt that she's really ready to come out and I was shouting, "Luis, lalabas na siya! 'Di ko na kaya talaga!" she said.

 Then Sabrina Leaouis was born!

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