KC is the Eldest daughter of the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta with his ex-partner Gabby Concepcion. KC is an actress and a successful woman. People are not aware on what’s happening about her life right now, but it changed when this guy named Pierre Plassart came to her life. 

Recently, KC went to his boyfriend’s place on France. She shared and featured their photos on her Instagram account.

And just lately, she posted a photo captioned with “    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the truest gentleman I know. He taught me how to be a lady & allow a man to pour the bottles of water or wine, he eats AFTER I take my first bite, he still kindly open doors, speaks gently, argues fair, is wildly affectionate & respects all that I am. Chivalry is NOT dead”

Her Mother, Sharon Cuneta, really likes this guy and very happy for her daughter.

There is also a cute video KC posted that they were cooking pasta and the netizens leave a happy and positive comments about it.

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