Man marries secret childhood crush almost 60 years after reunited through Facebook

These is really awesome lovestory, after 60-years of keeping secret for her childhood crush now they meet through social media and got married in the same school they attended.

When Eric Bogliani was in main faculty, he had a big crush on his sister's best friend, Elaine. But apparently his mom advised him to fight up his emotions due to his younger age, and the crush remained a secret, Eric told the BBC.

Eric and Elaine lost contact after school. But after 60 years they were reunited through Facebook. "If it hadn't been for Facebook, we would never have found each other," Eric Bogliani told the BBC.

"These years we've had together and the years we will have together in the future we may have missed. And how could you miss this?" Elaine Bogliani shared.

They just got married in the identical faculty they attended collectively as kids, which is now a neighborhood centre.

This story of love lengthy lost and reunited again would bring individual story in social media a hope for their long lost love story too.


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