Michael Dameski Ninja performance in the World of Dance wowed judges

Michael Dameski, a solo artist in the Upper Division from Australia wowed audience and judges in his own choreographed routine. While preparing his routine he was advised by mentors Jennifer and Ciara to fully commit to the intense emotions of his routine. Wearing a ninja costume, Michael took the stage for the finale, and showed off his inner ninja moves.  

"Your so solid, your so artistic, what so amazing with this performance was your character, the ninja, the warrior and this stage of the competition was a perfect character to choose because your here battled and I felt that men," said Derek Hough, who leaped out of his set because of the intense performance showed by Michael.

" Give us perfection," in order to even have a chance against Karen y Ricardo,  but he accomplished that - Ne-yo.

"You have it all," said Misty Copeland

Watch his performance below:

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