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Pinay adorable photos of her kids dressed up as Crazy Rich Asains Characters are internet's most loved

An Indiana based Pinay photographer Mary Grace Pingoy shared her most adorable photos of her kids cosplaying as Crazy Rich Asians character gone viral. She dressed her 1-year-old daughter Liliana who perfectly dressed up as Peik Lin and her 7-year-old as Wye Mun Goh.

Pingoy was so moved by the movie and the characters prompt her to dressed her kids and took perfect photos. Seeing Liliana with its blonde wig, striped pants and a patterned frock perfectly looked like the character of the recently most loved movie.

She even dressed up her 7-year-old son Jonah as Peil Lin's father Wye Mun Goh played by Ken Jeong.

Though Liliana was too young to actually see the movie, Pingoy says "Crazy Rich Asians" and its all-Asian cast meant a lot to her Filipino-American family, she told HuffPost.

Liliana back at it again, this time as Peik Lin played by the hilarious @awkwafina from @crazyrichasians. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ She was definitely my favorite character in the movie. Lily enjoyed a speculoos sandwich (her fave!) and a popsicle while I took these quick shots of her and what we ended up getting cracks me up. Handmade necklace made by @christinaypay! Special appearance by Jonah as her dad @kenjeong (you know Jonah enjoyed it because he LOVES fixing his hair) ๐Ÿ˜‚. So proud of this movie and what it means to celebrate the beauty of Asians around the world and can’t really explain how amazing it feels to be represented in a positive and non-stereotypical way on the big screen. Had all the feels watching it, Thank you @jonmchu for making this movie. Hope you enjoy this cuteness! PS. Help me tag @awkwafina in the comments so we can hopefully make sure she sees it! #crazyrichasians #awkwafina #jonchu #jonmchu #kenjeong #peiklin #peiklingoh #asianellen #CompletelyRivetedAsians #completleyrivetedasians
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