48-year-old Thai Man who lives in a cave became a celebrity online claimed several Western women sleep with him naked

A man in Thailand became an instant internet sensation after a photo showing him and several young woman sleeping naked on his bed on Facebook page had surface online.

Jatuphum Losiri, who is more popularly known as "The Cave Man 2018" online, posted his recent story on Facebook were suddenly gone viral. Losiri have decided to moved to the beach cave three years ago and claimed several women had spent the night with him in a cave on the Full Moon Party island of Koh Phangan.

 The 48-year-old Losiri surely sounded as him trying to be romantic and shared about taking a girl back to his cave. Once there was a slim, beautiful woman just outside a 7-Eleven and decided to strike up a sweet conversation.

"I said to her, 'You interrupted me. I was riding my motorbike home, but because of your beauty, I had to turn around . I needed to talk to you and find out if you're beautiful on the inside as well," according to the post translated from Thai by Coconuts Media.

"She laughed, and after talking to her a bit more, I found out that she was from Russia and this was her last day on Koh Phangan. So I told her: 'Then this is your last chance to get to know me. We have to find a beautiful place to sit and talk."

" She hesitated because i was just a stranger in her eyes. She said, I'm not sure. You might be dangerous.'I smiled and replied,"That's true. I know how you feel. You're in another country, far from your home and a strange man in inviting you to go with him. Not to worry, I'm not dangerous. And the place I'm taking you to is not remote. If you feel uneasy, you can shout out for help."

"When she heard that, she said yes and hopped onto the back of my bike."

While others are shocked about that he uses Facebook to boast about the women he beds, still his post has earned him praises from Thai men who were impressed the way he picked up woman back to his cave.

"I came to Koh Phangan to play music but shortly after the band broke up. Now I earn a living by painting art and selling it to tourists.

He explained that all the women who sleep with him was not forced to do anything and sometimes we don't have sex, he said. 

" Sometimes we just hug until morning. They are all happy and I'm happy, too."

It turned out that most of the woman who have invited to his cave are mostly Western, long before the Russian woman who went viral. 

According to authorities who visited the cave man - they found nothing untoward during their visit. Losiri explained to local reporters that he's just being romantic and didn't intend any harm to anyone.

Believe it or not, he hasn't dated any Thai women recently and now he just mostly dates Western women. He further claimed that he never lures women into his cave or forces himself on them.


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