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70-year-old Asian woman Jeannie Rice sets new record at Chicago Marathon

The 70-year-old Korean American Jeannie Rice set the record of fastest marathon finish by a woman for the age group of 70 years and older.

She finished the Chicago Marathon on October 7 with an amazing record of 3:27:50 beating the old world record of 3:35:29 set by Germany's Helga Miketta. Jeannie finished the marathon about an hour later than the official winner, Mo Farah, who won in 2:05:11 and Brigid Kosgei who won the women's race in 2:18:35.

Jeannie Rice was born in South Korea and came to the United States when she was 19 in 1968. She took up running after she gained weight from a trip back to Korea to visit her family in 1983. She started to run in 1984 with 3:45 record in her first marathon in Cleveland. Since then she started to run 116 marathon competition and traveled the world.


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