Coleen Garcia: "Falling in love with Boracay all over again"

Undeniably the reopening of the cleaner Boracay became a buzz online and no doubt that people had expressed eagerness to visit and check the changes that happened after more than 6 months this was closed to public.

          @coleen Instagram

Aside from Cristine Reyes and daughter Amarah who shared their satisfaction in the new Boracay is the actress Coleen Garcia.

"Falling in love with Boracay all over again," quoted in her Instagram post.

"Walked from station 3 to station  1 to see what has changed so far. I love that the island is noticeably cleaner, and you can walk around and all over the sand without being afraid of stepping on broken glass."

Coleen congratulated the job well done through the effort of the President and other agencies helping Boracay back to its natural beauty.

"I already can't wait to come back! Iba pa rin ang ganda ng Bora," she said.

"But whenever we do visit, let's all make sure we do our part in keeping the island clean. All the effort put into this would go to waste if we don't learn to be more conscious of the damage we humans cause on a daily basis. Let's try to minimize that not just here, but everywhere we go," she wrote in her post.

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