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CPA passer shared heartbreaking letter to dad who passed away weeks before board exam

Cagayan, Philippines - There was a time in our life that all we need to do was to accept despite of so many questions in our mind, why it happened? But, despite of that challenges still we stand and walk forward towards our goal and this was the young accountant did. 

Dominic Tumaliuan from Cagayan  State University who had recently passed the Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) wrote a heartbreaking letter addressed to his deceased dad. All his excitement that supposed a gift to his dad has all gone after his dad passed away weeks before his exam.  

Dominic shared an open letter through his Facebook account sharing the good news of passing the board exam but lamented that his dad wasn't there to share the moment. He described that if his dad still exist, he would jumped for happiness and proud of him.

The young accountant recalled the day after he finished his accountancy course were his mom and dad shared the merit he achieved.

He even recalled the last moment he spent with his father, the moment he bid goodbye at the airport on his way to Manila to take the board exam. After learning what happened to his father, Diminic was seriously affected and went back home to attend his father's funeral. 

There comes a time that he losses hope and think of quitting but all comes to be Dominic's will to proved to his father of passing the CPA exam, finally he decided to fly back to Manila to take the board exam.

Dominic passed the examination despite the fact that he's physically and mentally not 100% prepared.


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