Gretchen Fullido revealed 'Malicious' Text Messages from ABS-CBN Execs

The ABS-CBN entertainment  anchor and reporter Gretchen Fullido recently filed a complaints against several ABS-CBN personalities. However, the legal counsel of ABS-CBN executives being accused of sexual harassment  Evalyn Ursua released a statement  and called the charges "baseless" and " a classic example of discrimination against LGBTQ individuals and gender stereotyping against them in matters of sexuality."

Fullido said that Favilla sent her text messages with "sexual innuendos". Fullido's camp revealed the alleged text message that Favila and Asprec gave Fullido "the feeling that she needed to be close to them beyond the Boss-Colleague level" beginning April 2015 or when "Tara Grets" segment hosted by Fullido  - began airing on TV Patrol, report in ManilaTimes.

Here are some of the alleged text messages that Favila sent to Fullido beginning of 2015. 

“I pitched for you to be the social media anchor for Election Marathon. But mas gusto ko pa rin ng (I still like a) strip-teaser. Gretch yata (Maybe).”

“Think of writing a story this way: having sex is different from ‘making love.’ Making love entails emotions, not just doing the act. Always try to ‘make love’ to your stories. I am very partial to it.”

“Thank you, Gretchen! Pero gusto ko ng live rendition ng Happy Birthday song mo, na naka super sexy outfit ka. Hahaha! Birthday ko naman, di ba?” (I want a live rendition of your Happy Birthday song with you wearing a super-sexy outfit. Hahaha! It’s my birthday anyway.)

“Good morning! Tara Grets was my shower moment this morning…”

“What time are you coming to work? (Fullido: On the way to [ABS-CBN] now. What’s up?) Wala naman. Miss lang kita. Masama ba? Sungit.” (Nothing. I miss you. Is that wrong? Crabby.) “Kailangan mo rin ng konting lambing sa katawan.” (You need some tenderness in your body.)

“Good luck on your Deal or No Deal. May the force be with you! Bawal ang jowa ha … Lagot ka sa akin.” (Don’t hook up! I’ll see to that.)

“Promises fulfilled — I have opened the doors to your dreams by creating your own segment on TV Patrol, despite doubts and criticisms from various camps; I got you a talent fee increase, which is double of what you are currently getting (not really bad). I have set-up the stage for you. Now, it’s time for me to continue the journey to my destiny. Maktub. Good luck to yours. It’s nice to have crossed your path this lifetime, Gretchen.”

“Sana naman parati kang ganyan. Pagod na ako makipag-away. (I hope you’re always like that. I’m tired of fighting.) It’s emotionally draining, and you can’t take my intensity. So gets mo na ang style ‘di ba? (So, you get the style?) Be a good girl always.”

The complaint also stated that whenever Fullido rejected the supposed advances from Favila, the former's stories and work would suffer. The files was shared to The Manila Times by Fullido's camp also showed the basis of libel complaints filed against Ces Drilon and Venancio Borromeo, as well as news reporter Marie Lozano.


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