Horrible Photos/Video from the aftermath of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael, the strongest category 4 storm had made landfall into Florida on October 10 bringing a destructive 155 mph winds. Michael is the third-most powerful hurricane ever strikes the U.S. mainland, trees were stripped bare, cars partially submerged and houses were torn and battered as the storm passed through.

Look the powerful Hurricane Michael passing U.S. mainland:

From Twitter posted by Peter Gleick,"There's a reason the US military consider #climatechange and related extreme weather a national security threat. Tyndall Air Force Base devastated by #HurricaneMichael.

Winds bring down the walls of this middle school gymnasium in Panama City.

Four kittens were able to survived a roof collapse in a Florida house hit by the super storm.

Aerial view of the unbelievable destruction over Mexico Beach, Florida.

Florida Highway Patrol Troopers are all en route to the Panhandle, from all across the state of Florida - to help those affected by #HurricaneMichael.


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