Japan 'Talking Mirror' that read your moods, will tell you everything you love to hear

Are you bored, lonely, alone or feeling depressed? I think better to check out these Japanese invention, an interactive mirror that engages in communication all centered on a user's appearance. 

Japanese company Novera has developed a smart mirror that scans your face for blemishes and emotions, responding accordingly to what it sees. 

This mirror is fully equipped with camera, monitor and a speaker, Novera interacts through the voice of unseen anime characters who seem to have mastered the art of flirting.

One of the character is Koki Takano that would make you feel special all day. Using a camera, the mirror scans the user's face and will gauge your mood.

This mirror may your daily love as it exchange daily greetings. "Your eyes are so big. When you look right at me, it makes my heart race,"

"Thank you," the woman replies, smiling deeply, before saying she's heading out."Have a nice day!" the mirror tells her as she grabs her bag to head out the door. SoraNews24 quoted the character as saying.

"Are you feeling down these days?" Takano concernedly asks, to which the woman replies "I'm feeling confused about a lot of thing." "if you're feeling sad, then I feel sad too," he replies, before asking "Hey, will you smile for me? Please?" and when she does, Takano, with relief, says "Ah, you really do have a beautiful smile. Seeing it makes me smile too. I'll try even harder to support you." 


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