Man surprises woman with a wedding proposal in a fake motorcycle accident

We have read different kinds of wedding proposals online, but this time this wedding proposal from a marine soldier appeared to be a test of love from his partner. The video showed a scenario of a motorcycle accident, were all the people behind the creative plan has came to be the best supporting actor which surely surprises his partner and propose marriage.

The viral video took place in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. The video showed a rider lying face down on the floor beside his motorcycle appearing like he was in a motorcycle accident. A moment later, a woman arrived aboard another motorcycle and quickly ran to the man lying on the floor. She started crying as soon as she saw the man on the floor. Then she was asked by a traffic enforcers if she knew the man.

Then they tried to help the struggling man that surprised everyone as he kneeled down showing a tiny box to the lady and proposed,  the lady answered YES!

Then the crowd celebrated with cheers and confetti. 

While the couple was celebrating the best moment that happened to them, others thought they should have done it in more private place so that they did not cause hassle to motorists.

As of the posting the video garnered at least 17 million views with 67K shares and 121K reactions.


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