Netizens Slammed Vice Ganda's Question to Harry Roque at 'GGV' Guesting

Recently, the former Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque guested in Vice Ganda's late night show 'Gandang Gabi Vice" GGV. Roque appeared in television, interviewed by the comedian and show host Vice Ganda.

 When asked whether  he thinks the President has said or done anything inappropriate, Roque quickly cited an incident were he recalled the OFW Filipino woman in South Korea who was kissed by the president.

"Unang una 'yung kissing, akala ko mamamatay ako nun. Ang feeling ko dun dapat tumakbo ako at hilahin siya," he said.

But Roque explained that he defended the President however, it was his duty to do so.

"Eh trabaho ko yun eh. Trabaho ko talaga yun," he said.

"Naniniwala ako na kinakailangan pagsilbihan ang taong bayan sa pamamagitan ng pagsisilbi sa presidente at kinakailangan naman na depensahan sya kung wala naman talaga siyang ginawang masama," he added.

Here are some of netizens reaction the way Vice Ganda throws question to Roque in the late night show GGV: 

"i Dont like harry roque but the way @vicegandako interviewed him was quite rude. no, i'm sorry. it WAS RUDE.trying to roast a person in a not-so-humorous way in a comedy talk show sucks. at syempre dedepensa ang bakla nyan. mamimilosopo AS USUAL. may self entitlement ee.smh"

"Medyo nakakadisaapoint nga interview ni @vicegandako with Mr. Harry Roque. Parang kinalimutan bigla yung essence ng show just to take it as an opportunity to shame him. You can be political but still respectful & light at the same time. Bad vibes tuloy ang impact.#GGVFunnyMoNasabi"

"GGV right now. Harry Roque on the stand. Vice Ganda's line of questioning is sharp as hell. Can give legitimate journalists a run for their money.#GGVFunnyMoNasabi"

"I know Vice Ganda is the number one supporter of the President since he was become Mayor. But his attitude to Former Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque shows his antiphaty to him."
"#GGVFunnyMoNasabi when watching GGV, I started to notice revealing true colors of Vice Ganda and Harry Roque. It doesn't help us see the real Harry Roque but it helps us see the real Vice Ganda! Totally smh!#Inappropriateness #Senseless #AttitudeProblems"

"Vice Ganda almost didn't even try to make the segment funny when the show itself is supposed to be one. Then Harry Roque's trying to make things seem funny but just ended up making things awkward. I like the roasting but it's still a cringe-y segment #GGVFunnyMoNasabi"

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