This adorable boy really a Momoland's Fanatic

There's no doubt that the popularity of this Korean girl group Momoland has really gone viral in most young people especially in the Philippines. MOMOLAND's success started since the promotion of its mega hit song "Bboom Bboom" that soared to the top of the charts. Bboom Bboom earned over 93 million views on its official music video.

Many young minds really following Momoland's dance craze, and this video that was shared in Facebook page is really a living proof of popularity of the group. It could be seen in the video a group of grade school student dance performance inside a room, accompanied by Momoland's dance hit 'BAAM BAAM'. Looking at the video, really you will identify  easily who's doing the best moves, dancing like the member of the Korean Girl Group. 

This very young boy really enjoy what he is doing, Liyam Augustine Manuel captured everyone's attention from his facial expressions and the way he did the dance craze 'BAAM BAAM'.

Watch Liyam below:


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