Viral: President Roxas sad face in 100 Peso bill seen smiling after a Trick

An entertaining video of a Filipina had gone viral after she tried to do a simple trick yet awesome in 100 Peso bill. The Facebook user Gwyneth Faye Chatto posted the video clip of herself talking to the image of former Philippine president Manuel A. Roxas in a 100 peso bill that has been folded and viewed in an angle that appeared to be glaring face.

"Hey, don't feel bad I'm sorry," Chatto can be heard in the video apologizing in Filipino.

As she moved the bill in an angle that made the image change its expression, then she continued by teasing, "He's smiling, he's smiling."

She then laughs hysterically as the late president Roxas is shown in a smiling face.

This simple paper bill trick of changing the emotional expression of any person on the money gain more attention in social media.

Watch the video below:

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